PresidentKurt Mulligan (Dept 18)
1st Vice PresidentEvan Humphrey (Dept 26)
2nd Vice PresidentGeorge Cich (Dept. 17)
Corresponding SecretaryJohn Kryger (Dept. 23)
Recording SecretaryBruce McClintock (Dept 19)
Financial SecretaryDon Schreeck (Dept. 19)
TreasurerMike Kramar (Dept. 6)
Clarkstown Vice PresidentFrank Voce (Dept. 3)
Orangetown Vice PresidentJohn Stuercke (Dept 21)
Ramapo Vice PresidentFrank Bifulco (Dept.6)
Stony Point Vice PresidentCharles Larkin (Dept. 18)
Haverstraw Vice PresidentLisa Castaldo (Dept 23)

Deacon Stuart L. Gates – Stony Point
Frank Bifulco – Hillcrest
Donald Schreeck – Suffern
Douglas Volpicella Sr. – Sloatsburg
Stuart Rhymer – Hillcrest
Rabbi Justin Schwartz
John Kapral – Spring Valley



Kurt Mulligan (Dept 18)
President Kurt M. Mulligan has been in the fire service since 2001, which is the same year that he joined the RCVFA. Kurt was elected the Stony Point Town Vice President in 2008 and served in that role for 10 years. During his time as Town Vice President, Mulligan served as Vice Chairman (2011-2013) and Chairman (2013-2015) of the Board of Directors. In 2018 and 2019, Kurt was elected as the Association’s 2nd Vice President, in 2020 and 2021 he was elected as 1st Vice President, and then ultimately was elected President in 2022. Mulligan has served on numerous RCVFA committees, but most visibly has been the convention night master of ceremonies, though he is most pleased working on the behind-the-scenes coordination of the convention night. Outside of the RCVFA, Kurt is the 1st Assistant Chief (18-2) of the Stony Point Fire Department, where he is a 2nd generation firefighter. Kurt is a Hands-on Training Instructor for the New York State Association of Fire Chiefs and a Fire Instructor at the Rockland County FTC. Kurt has an Associate’s Degree in Fire Protection Technology and Pro-Board National Certifications for Firefighter I & II, Fire Instructor I & II, and Fire Officer I. Mulligan is a Sergeant in the Stony Point Police Department and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Siena College. Kurt stated, “I would not be able to dedicate myself to the fire service without the support of my family, most importantly my loving wife, Toni Ann, and our three great children.”
1st Vice President

Evan Humphrey (Dept 26)
As long as I could walk and talk, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps. I am a third-generation firefighter. I joined the Rockland County Fire Explorers Post in 1994, then joined the Ramapo Valley and Spring Hill Youth Corps, where I became a Certified Fire Responder. When I turned 18, I joined the Hillcrest Fire Company and the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association. I continued in the EMS field and became an EMT. I later joined the Brewer Fire Engine Company where I became a driver, 3rd Asst. Engineer, 2nd Engineer, Lieutenant, and Captain. I am currently in David B. Roche Fire Company and hold the title of Trustee, as well as honorary member of Wayne Hose, Vol. Hose 1 of Suffern, and Spring Valley Hook and Ladder. I am still involved in EMS, still an EMT, and am currently in the Stony Point Ambulance Corp and the Training Officer. For the RCVFA, I was elected to the seat of Town Vice President in 2000 when my father passed away while holding the position. I served until 2001. I then became the Recording Secretary in 2005 until 2009. I was elected to the position of 2nd Vice President in 2020 and in 2022 I was elected to the seat of 1st Vice President. I have served on many committees throughout my time in the association. I obtained life membership in 2022. I received my Associate Degree in Fire Protection Technology where I had amazing professors like Wally Morris, Mark Wessledine, and Andy Fredricks. I am pro board certified in Fire Investigation and Fire Life Safety Educator. I began working at the Rockland County Sheriff’s Office of Communications on June 12th, 2007, and was promoted to supervisor in September of 2012. I then left in 2016 for a career in the Town of Ramapo Police Department where I am still currently employed. I am also the current Fire Inspector for the Village of Wesley Hills and New Hempstead. I am also an aide to the Grand Marshal at the Rockland County St. Patrick’s Day parade this year. When I am not at work, I am an AVID METS fan and go to many games. My family and friends are the foundation for who I am today. I love spending time with my many nieces and nephews. All my accomplishments could not have been done without the love and support of my loved ones.
2nd Vice President

George Cich (Dept. 17)
George A. Cich joined the fire service on October 2, 1972, with the Columbian Fire Engine Company 1 of the Spring Valley Fire Department. In August of 1973, he took a break from the fire department and enlisted in the US Army for three years, spending a year out of the country in Germany. George returned to active fire service in August of 1976 and was 1st assistant engineer for six months. In April of 1977, he was elected to 2nd lieutenant. Two years later, he was made Captain, holding that rank until 1981. From 1988 through 2006, he diligently served as warden for the SVFD. George was on the board of directors from 2006-2017. He was proud to be president from 2017 – 2019. In September 1976, he joined the RCVFA, serving as a Ramapo Town Director from 2012 to 2015. A two-time past president (2015-17 and 2020-21) of the RC Volunteer Fire Police Association, George continues to serve as a Fire Police officer. As a member of the RC Fireground Safety Officers Association, he served as president from 2018-20. He served six years as Town of Ramapo VP from 2018 – 2022. In 2022, he was elected to his current position of 2nd VP of the RCVFA. George is the father of two sons who are both firefighters. Eric has recently made it a career in South Carolina, and Casey is a volunteer with the Columbians. His wife Carol currently holds the office of President for the Ladies Auxiliary RCFVA for the second time. She is also his top assistant. George was an advisor with the RC Fire Explorer Post 44 for 10 years, seeing many members go on to be firefighters. He is also the chairman of the RC Illegal Housing Task Force. On October 2, 2022, he became a 50-year member of the Columbians and an honorary chief. As a member of the RC Fire Advisory Board, George was chairman in 2018-2020.
Corresponding Secretary

John Kryger (Dept. 23)
John is a life member of the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association, having joined in 1975. He is also a member of the board of directors of the RCVFA and has been the corresponding secretary since 2009. Additionally, he is an honorary life member of the Rockland County Fire Chiefs’ Association. John is a member and past chairman of the RC Fire Advisory Board, as well as a member of the Firefighter’s Association of the State of New York since 1975. He is also a member of the State of NY Fire Chiefs Association and a life member of the FDNY St. George Association and the FDNY Pulaski Association. Furthermore, John is a member of the International Association of Firefighters, NYC Local 94. He is an active volunteer member of the West Haverstraw Fire Department, having served from 1975-1987 in SW Johnson SFE Co.1 and currently serving in Volunteer Hose Co. 2 as the chief’s aide since 2002. John is also the public information officer of the West Haverstraw FD and the financial secretary of Volunteer Hose Co. 2. From 1965-1986, John worked as a firefighter for the New York City Fire Department, serving in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx in four ladder companies and two engine companies. He also spent seven years serving the New York City press corps as a member of the New York City Fire Department’s News Service Division. In this role, he coordinated press briefings and information gathering between the mayor, fire commissioner, and the working press at the scenes of fires and other emergencies throughout the five boroughs. From 1977-1987, John was employed as an RC county instructor for 10 years and a state instructor for three. During this time, he researched and developed courses in structural collapse and backdraft, ventilation, firefighter safety, and chief officer’s development. He also taught a National Fire Academy course on risk analysis. From 1987-2004, John worked as a staff writer and copy editor for The Journal News, covering sports for 10 years and the public safety sector of Rockland County for seven years. He was recognized by the state Associated Press and Gannett for a three-part series entitled “Fire’s Deadly Rage” after a series of fire-related deaths struck Rockland County in 1995-96. John holds an AAS degree in Fire Technology from RCC, being one of the first two volunteer firefighters to graduate from the program in 1977. He also pursued BA and MPA studies at John Jay College. He attended the National Fire Academy, the N.Y. State Fire Academy, and the FDNY Fire Dept. Institute. In 2004, he was appointed as the RC Deputy Fire Coordinator (44-11). John has received several honors and awards throughout his career. He was honored as the Liberty Mutual Insurance Company’s Fire Mark Award as Firefighter of the Year in 1999 and 2002 for his contributions to fire prevention and fire safety in Rockland. He also received an award for devoted service to the Rockland Fire Service from the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association in September 2004, the RCVFA Jack Lynch award in 2009, and the RC Fire Chiefs Smokey Fales award in 2020. In addition to his professional achievements, John has served as the treasurer of Trinity Episcopal Church for 27 years. He has been married for 60 years to his wife Susanne and they have four children: Steven (retired from Oakland CA PD), David (retired Hav. PD Sgt. and budding author), Andrew (Stony Point PD detective/youth officer), and Patricia (licensed counselor). They also have 10 fantastic, talented, and smart grandchildren.
Recording Secretary

Bruce McClintock (Dept 19)
Bruce McClintock, a retired Postmaster, has 52 years of active service in the Suffern Fire Department. He served as Chief of the Department from 2002-2004, Captain of the Suffern Volunteer Hose Company #1 from 1978-1981, and President of the Suffern Volunteer Hose Company #1 from 1973-1975. He also served as secretary and treasurer of the Suffern Hose Company and is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors. He also continues to be an asset to the Suffern Fire Department, regularly attending weekly drills and fire calls as a Department Safety Officer. Bruce is a Life Member of the Rockland County Volunteer Firefighters’ Association. He has served as a Ramapo Town Director, Ramapo Town Vice President, past Chairman of the Board of Directors, Housing Committee, By-Law Committee, and currently Recording Secretary. Bruce is also a United States Army Veteran, having served two tours in the Vietnam War. He is also active with the Rockland County Vietnam Veterans of America as a Past President and American Legion Post #859 Suffern, currently serving as 2nd Vice Commander. Bruce received the Andrew Haggerty Outstanding Service Award from the Village Board of Suffern in 2018. He also received the John Lynch President’s Award from the RCVFA in 2022 and the 97th Assembly District 2021 Citizen of the Year award.
Financial Secretary

Don Schreeck (Dept. 19)
Don Schreeck is a life member of the RCVFA and has been the Financial Secretary since 2015. He also continues to serve as one of the Association’s Chaplains since 2006. Prior to his current position, Don was on the board of directors for Ramapo. He became a member of the Volunteer Hose Co #1, Suffern Fire Department in 1978 and will reach his 45th-year anniversary in 2023. He has served in many positions in either his company or as a department officer. In the Hose Company, Don has been the Treasurer for 13 of the last 17 years, while taking a few years to serve as the Hose Company’s President. Don was in the Chief’s ranks of the Suffern Fire Department for seven years, completing a two-year stint as Department Chief in April 2006. He also served as the president of the department in the 1990s. Don started his fire service career with the Orangeburg Fire Department back in 1976 and served as the department secretary for a year prior to relocating to Suffern. Don is an Eagle Scout, Class of 1971, and is involved with leadership positions in the Greater Hudson Valley Council, which includes Rockland County. Don currently works part-time for the Suffern Central School District after retiring from Citigroup following 35 years as an IT Senior Manager.